What do you get when eight gals get together for drinks, cupcakes, and photos? An incredible evening! 

Finding time for yourself is hard enough when you’re a mom, not to mention finding time to get out to make friends. That’s why I was so excited to be a part of this fun event. 


One of the local Facebook groups for moms decided to put together a mixer for moms to get out sans kids, get dolled up, and mingle with other ladies. They were able to enjoy themselves, make new friends, and get pictures taken…because, let’s face it, us moms are always the ones BEHIND the camera and we don’t often have good 

(non-selfie) pictures of ourselves. 

These women were SO MUCH FUN! It was like we’ve all known one another our entire lives. The sound of laughter echoed around The Green Goat, which was the perfect venue for the event. They were able to let their personalities (and smiles) shine and really have fun with their individual and group picture. 

Don’t you want to be friends with this group?!